Thursday, March 11, 2010

Boos for Bay?

Yesterday, during a Red Sox-Mets exhibition game, Jason Bay was given a reception that was, as he said, "lukewarm."

Red Sox Nation, this is unacceptable. Jason Bay played his heart out every time he set foot on that field for us. He came over in a midseason trade, and picked up where Manny left off - something not too many players could do.

Could the negotiations this winter have gone better? Of course, but that's as much Theo's fault as it is Bay's, and Theo sure isn't getting booed.

As David Wright said, “For everything you brought to that city, they should cheer for you.”

Lest you forget, Jason Bay scored the winning fun in the 2008 ALDS against the Angels.

As much as it pains me to agree with a New Yorker (although the Mets are the lesser of two evils), Wright is correct. We owe Jason Bay more respect than that. Was he a Nomar? No. But he wasn't a Johnny Damon, or a Manny, either, and he was always a class act.

I'm embarrassed about the behavior of you so-called fans down in Florida. Jason Bay gave us all he had, and he deserves better than that.


  1. i don't what to be the devil's advocate here... but i have a bone to pick with Jbay...

    you referenced nomah... (which, by the way, after i know he retired AS A RED SOX i was with mixed feelings, sad for him retiring and happy because i went down with class and fulfilling a dream of his and i think a dream of us, retire as a red sox)

    ok... jbay as you said he came from the pirates in '08, that '08 season the pirares ended up with a dreadful 97-95 record, making that season the 17th losing season in a row. so a guy like jbay wanted to be in a winning team, who doesn't? and the red sox opened their doors... and he received attention... when the time came for him to retribute all the attention that being in a big team gave him... he decides to go to another losing team just because of the money... in my book that's a dick move.

    why did i referenced nomah? because that how a player should act... yes jbay wasn't a nomah but he was getting there, pretty much all the fans talked about this great guy/player he was... but in the end... what did he do? he went to another losing team because that losing team was giving him more money that he really is worth...

    i certenly wouldn't boo yesterday or any other day for that matter... but don't ask me to clap when he step up to the plate... because the mets deal puts jbay in my "ingrateful book"...

  2. Finally, we agree. I don't think that booing Jason Bay was right at all. The fact is, that the Red Sox made it almost impossible for Jason to stay as a Red Sox player. They wanted him to have surgery that he deamed uneeded. He went to two seperate doctors and they said,"No! You don't need it." What was he supposed to do? Let's not forget that apart from being a player this man is a husband a father of two little girls. He's supposed to have surgery during the off season and be laid up in bed while his children are running around and possibly miss out on a holiday with them because a team decided that he needed a surgery that he went and got a second and third opinion about?! The fact is, Jason Bay came in when we needed him to be big time and he was. Whatever came after that is outside the scope. He left here thanking Red Sox nation and the team where he could've said,"Well, they wanted me to do this and I refused." he just said,"I didn't see it as something I needed to do." If the fans want to blame someone for what happend how bout Theo and the doctors that examined Bay the first time? How about they examine the fact that they wouldn't give him the money or the years and still wanted him to have surgery on both knees?! Seriously! IF he had left the way Manny did I would boo him but he didn't even leave the way Damon did! You know pursuing the highest dollar amount possible? He left with dignity and that should be applauded.