Saturday, July 4, 2009

TTT & The Eternal Awkwardness of A*Rod

Since I have to work today and will not be able to Tweet the game, here's a countdown of the Top Ten Tweets from last night's game, complete with illustrative pictures and elaborative commentary. Enjoy!

10.) "A game after an offday is like a mini Opening-Day all over again... the offday sucks, but I'm so glad to be watching baseball again!" I'm a baseball junkie, and every time I can't get my fix, I have withdrawals. Offdays are terrible, and I don't know what to do with myself. But then, there's the light at the end of the tunnel - the offday ends, and there's baseball again! Needless to say, I'm a total mess in the winter. (Below: my Spring salvation.)
9.) "'A*Rod is a dirty man.' I love the NESN booth guests." This, of course, was a reaction to Lenny Clarke's rant about A*Roid and his dates while he joined DO and The Mayor in the booth last night. I don't think this type of awesome needs more explanation. (Below: the eternal awkwardness of A*Rod.)8.) "Hey Theo, The Mayor wants you to #signjasonbay !!!" For those of you unfamiliar with Twitter, the "#" denotes a hashtag, which is a clickable link to other Tweets of the same topic. Obviously, #signjasonbay is pretty popular among Sox types. Casey starting waxing poetic about the clear advantages for having Bay in the lineup and the clubhouse, and I just had to chime in. (Below: Jason Bay being Jason Bay.)
7.) Bad inning... 4-2 Sox... Loved the Fenway Faithful chanting "All your fault" to that fan who got in the way of a potential catch." If the catch in question had been made, the runs in question would not have scored, as Wake and the Sox would have been out of the inning. In essence, that fan cost us the game. (Below: hasn't that fan ever heard of Steve Bartman?!?)
6.) "HAHAHA! RT @GlobeChadFinn I find Julio Lugo funnier than Lenny Clarke, though to his credit, Clarke is better defensively." Okay, so I didn't write this, Boston Globe columnist Chad Finn did, but it's so hilarious that I had to share it with everyone I knew. (Below: E6. Enough said.)
5.) "I LOVE YOU JD! You don't have to have feelings, I'll be excited on your behalf!!!!!" This, of course, was when No Feelings Drew belted a homerun to pull the Sox within a run late in the game. JD didn't react with the excitement I wanted, so I decided to be ecstatic for him. (Below: JD Drew's strikeout and/or walkoff homer face.)4.) "@Gabs1468927 I worry about Youk's heart sometimes... he and Drew should find a happy middle ground." We were discussing Youk's propensity to overreact, and Drew's somewhat infuriating tendency to underreact... Needless to say, averaging them out would produce the perfect baseball temperament. (Below: No Feelings Drew and Kevin "I will fight you over my intensity" Youkilis.)
3.) "@Rob_ish I LOVE Casey. I told my coworker he was as slow as Sean Casey today. He didn't get it. I told him we couldn't be friends." Seriously, you have to love The Mayor, but if there's a slower man in MLB than Casey, I would be shocked! The man couldn't leg out a double to save his life - even on balls hit to places where Papi would be standing at third. (Below: Casey gets thrown out at second... and injures the Jays' shortstop in the process - The Mayor doesn't waste outs!)2.) "I get texts to my phone telling the final score of the Sox game. When we lose, I want to chuck it out a window when it buzzes." In retrospect, I didn't really need to subscribe to this service, as I watch at least 155 out of 162 games during the season (only missing for extenuating circumstances, like class, or my sister's wedding). When we win, the texts make me smile... but when we lose, especially when I just watched a comeback fall short, it deflates my mood even more. (Below: my phone, minus its Red Sox wallpaper.)
1.) "Fenway chanting 'MVP! MVP' Pedroia is my future husband... he just doesn't know it yet." Though Pedey grounded out to end the game, I love him anyway. It's a borderline obsession, but I deal with it. (Below: Dustin with my competition... erm... I mean his wife, Kelli.)

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