Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Dream Job: Acquired!

I've been sitting on some pretty big news for a while now. About two weeks ago, I went to Secaucus, New Jersey for a job interview at MLB Network - and I was offered the job!

I couldn't be more excited to start - this is everything I worked for in graduate school, and everyone I met when I was down there as extremely friendly and welcoming.

Perhaps the most exciting part of the whole process (aside from the whole "gainful employment" thing), was that the interview was conducted in Chris Rose and Kevin Millar's office. Since the two of them often work from home, it was vacant for the day, and I sat in Kevin Millar's chair, trying to act like it was no big deal.

I discovered while covering the Nationals this summer that the awe of professional athletes wears off very quickly when you see them every day, but I'm still pretty pumped to get to work in the same building as Sean Casey, Mike Lowell, John Smoltz, Millar, and even old friend Heidi Watney, among others.

I'll be working behind the scenes (and that's how I prefer it), mostly cutting video teases to start. Tune in if you can, I'll be starting the second week in December!

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