Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Check out Technical Foul!

Hey everyone - sorry I've been so inconsistent in this space lately! Rest assured, I'm just as excited for Truck Day, Pitchers and Catchers, and first Spring Training workouts as ever.

But I've also been hard at work producing the very first episode of a new sports comedy web series called Technical Foul. We debut this weekend, but there are already a few teaser videos up now on our YouTube channel.

Basically it will be a show about professional and college sports - and as the production team is made up of current Syracuse University graduate students, it's focused on #1 ranked SU basketball at the moment.

The foundation of the show is a roundtable discussion about contemporary sports topics - with preference given to the quirky or unusual - interspersed with offbeat segments and interviews featuring current SU athletes.

Sorry for the shameless self promotion, but it would be awesome if you guys would follow Technical Foul on Twitter or Tumblr, or like us on Facebook. And of course, check out our videos on YouTube - right now it's just teasers, but the full show will be up Saturday!

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