Tuesday, November 26, 2013

If you don't love David Ross, you're wrong

©Kayla Chadwick 2013
Sadly, the Red Sox were without David Ross for a good chunk of the glorious 2013 season; the veteran catcher was recovering from concussions (and because MLB takes concussions more seriously than certain other professional sports franchises, he missed two months getting totally healthy).

Though this was technically Ross' second stint with the Red Sox, he had exactly nine plate appearances  with them in 2008, so you're excused if you've forgotten.

Ross only played in thirty-six games for the Red Sox this year - but somehow it seems like many more. Perhaps it's because of his nearly ubiquitous presence in the dugout, or how enthusiastically he embraced the beard-growing trend - indeed, his beard might be among the greatest of the bunch.

Last night was the premier of the 2013 World Series DVD in Boston, and Ross was one of just two Red Sox players reportedly in attendance (the other being third baseman Will Middlebrooks).

He spoke about the strangeness of being recognized in public (not an everyday occurrence for a career backup catcher), and the efforts of the team to convince its free agents to come back for 2014.

Whether or not cajoling his teammates works, Ross will get to enjoy another year in Boston. Hopefully it will be concussion free.

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