Thursday, November 7, 2013

Hot Stove Check In: Robinson Cano

The biggest free agent of the offseason is undoubtedly Yankees second baseman Robinson Cano, and once Watch-gate blows over the real negotiating can begin.

Cano asked for a deal worth over $300 million before declaring free agency, but it's unlikely he'll end up getting that much. Teams are usually loathe to invest such mega-dollars in a middle-infielder, because the wear and tear on their bodies makes them shaky investments long term.

Luckily for Cano, one of his biggest selling point should help to assuage those concerns. Cano typically plays between 159-161 games each year, and hasn't missed any substantial time to injury.

The 2014 Bill James Handbook projects Cano to play in 161 games next season, hitting .306 with 27 home runs and 101 RBIs. He has consistently dependable defense (though Dustin Pedroia beat him out for the Gold Glove at the position for 2013).

At the end of the day, Cano is going to end up back in the Bronx. He needs them, and they need him - but most importantly, there aren't too many teams out there who are willing or able to pay Cano what he's worth.

As a Red Sox fan, I'm hoping the Yankees overpay and over commit, because watching them struggle with behemoth contracts is one of my favorite forms of entertainment.

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