Sunday, September 29, 2013

"We're not done here."

Home Opener 2013, Fenway Park
©Kayla Chadwick
One hundred and sixty-one games ago, who would have predicted that we would be here? Sitting comfortably at the top of the American League East, a full seven games ahead of the second-place Tampa Bay Rays, and a whopping twenty-three games ahead of the vaunted preseason divisional darlings, the Toronto Blue Jays.

Indeed, with a win today, the Sox will be the sole owners of the best record in baseball - the worst they can do is to tie for best record (if they lose to the Orioles and the Cardinals beat the Cubs this afternoon).

But this season has been about so much more than the team's record, even more than 33 series wins, or a team ERA of 3.77, or clinching home field advantage throughout the playoffs. It's been about redemption. About proving that 2012 (and the tail-end of 2011) can be put behind us. About a team that values wins over personal achievements.

Most of all, it's about what happens when you keep the faith. This is a team that never gives up, that plays for each other, and relishes winning more than anything else. This is a team that didn't celebrate upon clinching a playoff spot, and when they won they AL East, the most common sentiment was: "We're not done here."

This is a team that put the entire city of Boston on its back after an unthinkable tragedy, and with a rallying cry of "Boston Strong," proceeded to own the American League. This team is something special, and I have a hunch that we as fans are about to be treated to a memorable postseason.

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