Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Red Sox or rednecks?

As a native New Hampshirite, I'm well acquainted with what some people might call rednecks. The kind of people who not only like to hunt, they live to tell the tale of the one that got away.  Normally, these types of people are not millionaires, but in recent years the Red Sox have boasted more than a few legitmate rednecks as part of their roster.

First, there's the photographic evidence:

And then we have the terrifying stories, like this one about JD Drew from last Spring Training (courtesy of's Extra Bases blog):
Drew said he was in a boat with his son once when they hooked an alligator with a fishing lure. He had his son hold the pole and took position to try and leap on the alligator.
"I figured I could get him myself," he said. "He was about five or six feet."
"With your bare hands?" I asked.
J.D. gave me his best "no, you stupid city boy" look.
"I had a knife," he said.
But the line snapped and the gator got away. J.D. missed his chance.
So next time you read about J.D. missing a game with a bad hamstring and consider complaining, consider that this is a guy who was willing to jump out of a perfectly good boat and attack a man-sized alligator with a knife. 

And now we have an anecdote about panthers, courtesy of Clay Buchholz (and's Extra Bases blog):
A Fort Myers resident told me that the woods beyond the practice fields are known to have panthers and wild hogs.
According to Clay Buchholz, who knows of such things, panthers can be five or six feet long. "I'd want to shoot it before it could hunt me," Buchholz said.

New Hampshire would be proud to have them.

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