Friday, October 17, 2014

Wild Card World Series!

Last season, both Wild Card winners were out before the LCS round. The Pirates were ousted by the Cardinals in five games in their NLDS, and in the ALDS, the Rays were taken out by the Red Sox in four.

This year, the Royals and the Giants are not willing to go quietly. Since their respective Wild Card games, neither team has faced elimination - indeed, to the certain chagrin of network executives and advertising departments, none of the series this postseason have made it the maximum five or seven games.

Unfortunately, the efficiency with which the Royals and Giants have dispatched their opponents means we won't have any baseball until Tuesday.

On the bright side, these barren four days will be good preparation for the long winter that awaits on the other side of the World Series. Hopefully, the Royals and Giants can do what no other matchup has done, and extend this thing the whole seven games.

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