Sunday, September 28, 2014

Steven Souza Jr. is the best kind of goofball

Since Steven Souza Jr. is going be all over SportsCenter for his spectacular catch, I feel obligated to tell you all that he’s an enormous goofball.
When I was covering the Syracuse Chiefs (the Nationals Triple-A team) this season, he used to roam the hallways shirtless so we reporters would have to look, pick up teammates' children and tell them they wanted to be interviewed, and impersonate Ricky Bobby when cameras were rolling: 

He was a bit more subdued when first called up to Washington, but I’m sure by now he’s back to his boisterous self. In all seriousness though, I couldn’t be happier for him about his part of today.

He was always happy to speak to the press after games, whether the Chiefs had lost or (more frequently) won. Gracious and friendly, his fooling around was almost as entertaining as his routinely spectacular play on the field and at the plate.

Today's play to cement Jordan Zimmermann's no-hitter was just the beginning. Souza will continue to impress through the Nats playoff run and in the years to come - you can quote me on that.

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