Wednesday, May 14, 2014

David Ortiz is better than you.

He's better than all of us, really. And without a doubt, better than the Minnesota Twins. It's pretty obvious that David Ortiz has never quite forgiven the Twins for not giving him the chance he deserved at the beginning of his career - since joining the Red Sox in 2003, he's absolutely dominated against Minnesota.

In 55 games, Ortiz has hit at a .344 clip, with 17 home runs, and an incredible 1.106 OPS. Last night alone, Big Papi had four hits, including two homers, and four RBIs. I'm sure the Twins executive who approved Ortiz's release regrets it every day - and assuming that person still has a job, last night must have been extremely painful.

But just like last October, amazing production from Ortiz is not enough to win games for the Red Sox. Perhaps he needs to pull his teammates aside for another pep talk - the AL East standings will only remain a mess for so long.

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