Monday, March 5, 2012

'Surf is up' for Dustin Pedroia

Dustin Pedroia is my favorite baseball player, and it's not just because of his dashing good looks:
No, it's all about the attitude.  Not only is Pedey willing do do whatever it takes for the team (including his claim that he would move back to shortstop), but he always has a cocky comment to share.

Today, Pedroia was reminded that he struggled somewhat when hitting leadoff in the past (his homer to lead off the 2007 World Series notwithstanding), and he didn't let it slide:

“I hit. 214? It’s good because if they would have kept me in another 20 games I would have hit .414,” he said. “Ride the wave. It’s a wave, dude, How’s a heart beat go? It goes up and down, just like baseball. If you flatline you’re dead. If you flatline in baseball, I’ve never seen it in baseball. Ride the wave, dude. Surf is up.”

Yes, Pedey is a California boy, but he's from Woodland, a suburb of Sacramento. He hardly grew up riding any waves. Still, the metaphor works - and I have no doubt that Pedroia will once again prove any naysayers wrong if he ends up in the leadoff spot. I almost can't believe there are any doubters left - but I hope they keep coming, since their snark leads to Pedey's greatest quotes.

[Quote from WEEI.]

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