Friday, December 3, 2010

10 Bizaare Gifts for a Red Sox Fan

It's that time of year again, Red Sox Nation, and regardless of your religious affiliation (or lack thereof), you will likely be expected to participate in some gift-giving. So what can you get for your fellow fan if you want to be truly creative? Thanks to some perusing of the team store, I've gathered 10 of the strangest Sox related items out there... and I'd be willing to bet they're available for the 29 other teams as well, since MLB doesn't exactly pass up chances to get revenue.
A Red Sox tree face. Because a regular tree with a face on it just isn't creepy enough, now you can traumatize the neighborhood children AND show your team spirit! Go Sox!

A Red Sox bird feeder. In case you were worried that some of your feathered friends might be fans of the evil empire, you can set them straight with this. It should be particularly helpful to confused birds in rivalry border states like Connecticut.

I understand that dogs of a certain size need outerwear in New England winters, but I think the leather sleeves might be taking it a tad too far... In any case, Fenway, Tessie, or Papi should be warm for winter in this outfit (I made my sister name her dog Beckett).

For anyone who ever wanted tiny little batting helmets sticking out of their ears, this is the item for you. Be aware, however, that for $14.99 these might not have the best sound quality. Also, you'll have helmets sticking out of your ears.

I have absolutely no idea why you would ever want this, but if you're looking for a useless but expensive gift, you can go with the regulation size, handcrafted, crystal bat.

This holiday season, let your child snuggle up with a giant Fenway Frank. It's every kid's dream!

Stylish. I think they should give these out at the gates of Fenway for the entire crowd to put on when we're behind.

Whose idea was this, anyway? Hey, babysitters, if the kids won't sit still and watch the puppet show, you can punch them in the face, and blame it on the doll! For the violent superfan.

Okay, I kind of want this one.

I know what you're thinking: a pen? Really? Well, as you can see by the title, it's not a pen... It's a "Writing Instrument," and it can be yours for the low price of $184.99. Really.

Happy gift-giving, everyone, and I promise to be back to baseball posts ASAP.


  1. The tree face just freaks me out. If I walked by it I'd just be weirded out. As far as the dog jacket goes,it's cute. I'd get it for my sister in law's dog but she's a Yankees fan.

  2. Get it for her anyway! Tell her "At least your dog has good taste!"