Monday, November 8, 2010

Fire Joe Morgan? Check.

That's right, Red Sox Nation. ESPN has officially parted ways with announcer Joe Morgan, whose voice assailed our ears on Sunday Night Baseball for more than two decades.

Gone are the days when we'll have to dread the Sox playing the Sunday night games for any other reason besides Monday-morning fatigue. There will be no more meandering stories about Morgan's days as a player, and, alas, not more reason for snarky Twitter users to point out that according to baseball-reference, Morgan wasn't even playing in the game he's waxing poetic about.

It is the end of an era, as ESPN has failed to renew his contract, as well as that of Jon Miller. No official word yet on who will replace them, but as long as it's not Tim McCarver, I think we'll be able to handle that.

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