Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sorry! Sorry!

I know, I know. I'm an awful updater. I had all these lofty hopes for posting every day when I started this thing, and all it took was a week as a junior in college to bring those ambitions to a screeching halt (okay, so they were already halted... but I've been BUSY). Anyway, you can look at the hiatus as foreshadowing, because I was MIA mostly due to the need to finish my application for study abroad, and when (if?) it gets approved, the blog will be relegated to part-time from about January to May while I travel the world(!).

Anyway, the last time we met, the Sox were nine games behind New York and 7.5 back from the Wild Card leading Rays. We had twenty-three games left.

We now have fifteen. We are 7 games behind New York and 6.5 behind Tampa Bay. We do not play the Rays again.

Nothing is impossible. We have six games remaining against the Yankees, but they will have to play just as badly as we play well for us to have a chance.

The fact of the matter is that we still have a chance at all. I won't reiterate the entire season's worth of shenanigans (my last post pretty much covered it), but it's impressive that we're not mathematically eliminated yet.

Despite the math, the Red Sox have been eliminated in the hearts of Red Sox Nation for a while now, which is why there are some terrific deals to be had on tickets for those of us who like baseball regardless of the fact the chances for Soxtober are slim. The upcoming midweek games against the O's have tickets starting at $5 on StubHub and $12 on AceTicket, so of course I had to buy some.

Despite a class at 8:25am on Tuesday, I just couldn't pass up $17 infield grandstand seats to Monday's game, and so my roommate and I will be shipping up to Boston in two days to (hopefully) see Daisuke beat up on the moribund Orioles.

Practical? No. But the Red Sox are (technically) still in it, and I refuse to listen to logic until they are systematically eliminated. I know some of you are already looking toward the offseason, but I'm determined to see more baseball NOW, before the long, cold winter arrives.

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