Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Viva el Papi!

You want to know my first reaction when I heard Papi was competing in Monday's homerun derby? Dismay. Panic. The urge to call 911. With the injury bug following this team, and yearly claims that the derby "messes with players' swings," I was sure David was taking a risk.

And maybe he is, but why not? He bowed out after the first round in 2004, made it to the semis in 2005, and placed fourth in 2006, the last year he competed. If past performance is any indication, Ortiz's swing will be just fine, so long as he can avoid the kind of freak accidents that have been befalling this team [seriously, when was the last time foul balls and rampaging third basemen have been responsible for the lion's share of a team's injuries?].

I know Papi is a longshot to win, but he HAS been raking lately, and I'd hate to be like the Yankees, barring a player from participating by making up a phantom injury - and who needs phantom injuries when you have so many real ones?

In all seriousness, I'm glad Ortiz has a chance to partake in the festivities in Anaheim... And since State Farm sponsors the Home Run Derby, do you think we can get some insurance on Papi?

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